Excellence-Driven Motivation Leads Concepcion Vocational School to APACC SILVER Accreditation

Excellence-Driven Motivation Leads Concepcion Vocational School to APACC SILVER Accreditation

Preparations, procedures, compliances and matters concerning accreditation, which may include the accreditation visit, can cause angst and a sense of anxiety, even for the most systematized and diligent TESDA-CVS faculty and staff.

No matter how we accept the condition in going through accreditation, it may be unattainable to completely eliminate all residues of nervousness, it is certainly possible to tone down those feelings well, and we call it reality.

The motivation and drive come from the thought that the accreditation will further the quality not only of TESDA-CVS but also the  quality of technical and vocational programs within and among institutions in the Asia Pacific region.

The process of preparing all the documents for accreditation, or re-accreditation, is certainly a lot of work, sometimes may even trigger to test the limit of patience and understanding of the entire workforce.   But the process is well worth the effort! It will lead your institution and its students to be proud of. It undeniably will energize your faculty, and raise their commitment to the program. It will facilitate your institution’s administration to more fully understand the importance of your discipline and goals.

In pursuit of a successful APACC accreditation, planning matters most, be plausibly purposeful because first and foremost, the purpose of the accreditation is to substantiate documents, evidences, exhibits and annexes that meet the standards set by APACC.

TESDA-CVS did not wait until the last minute to bring together the necessary documents; instead gathered, organized, labelled, and indexed the evidences as  the document controller religiously checks and balances what ought to be accomplished.

By just merely reading or simply walking across the room labelled as “APACC records room” we can’t avoid but feel the butterflies  in our stomach, all of us stayed alert and aggressive during that highest point of the accreditation. Not because we want to focus with the specific area assigned to each, but because we help one another in achieving one common objective. We became vigilant then. We ensured that all areas are reserved during the visit.

As previously mentioned, plan ahead, making best use of the accreditors’ time during the visit is vital, consider the logistics of the visit such as lodging, transportation, meals, conference rooms, tour of facilities, and technology support.

Finally, the accreditation result made TESDA-CVS really proud, all the hardships, sleepless nights, tears, pressures and stress suddenly turned out to be the loveliest days of our lives.

Thank you most of all to God Almighty for the gift of understanding, love, knowledge, wisdom and care to all of us.

From TESDA-CVS, our most sincere thank you to APACC for the SILVER award granted to us.

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