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·       Application for Accreditation as Competency Assessor AC02/01081 hourApplication Form for Accreditation
·       Issuance of Accreditation Certificate to Competency Assessor  Php 500.00  AC03/0108 AC05/010820 minutesAccreditation Certificate Affidavit of Undertaking
·       Application for Accreditation as Assessment Center  1 hourAccreditation Certificate Affidavit of Undertaking
·       Issuance of Accreditation Certificate as Assessment CenterPhp 3,000.00 per qualificationAC13/0108 AC16/010820 minutes 
·      Filing of Application for Assessment Form AC 17/010850 minutesSelf Assessment Guide
·      Filing of Application for Certification of Seafarers under RevalidationPhp 200.00Form S18/030150 minutesApplication Form
·       Release of Assessment Results of Seafarers under Revalidation Rev02/120410 minutesCompetency Assessment Results Summary (CARS)
·      Filing of Application for Assessment of New SeafarersPhp 800.00Form 18/040150 minutesApplication Form
·      Filing of Request for Certification/Authentification/ Verification (CAV) of Scholastic RecordPhp 30.00 20 minutesApplication Form
·      Filing  Request for Special Order  15 minutes 
·      Release of Special Order  20 minutesSpecial Order Certificate
·      Release of National Certification (NC)/Certificate of Competency (COC)Php 50.00 1 hourNational Certificate (NC)/Certificate of Competency (COC)
·      Request for Authentification of National Certificate (NC)/Certificate of Competency (COC)Php 50.00 39 minutesCertificate of Authentication
·      Availment of Training in a Regional/Provincial Training Center    
Ø  Application for Training  3 hours and 30 minutesApplication Form
Ø  Registration/Enrollment Procedures NMIS Form 0117 minutesEnrollment Form  
Ø  Releasing of Certificate of Training  17 minutesRequest Form
·      Availment of Training in a TESDA School    
Ø  Application for Training  2 hours and 25 minutesApplication Form
Ø  Registration/Enrollment ProceduresPhp 1,540.00NMIS Form 0127 minutesEnrollment Form  
Ø  Releasing of Certificate of Training  17 minutesRequest Form
·      Availment of Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP) for External Customers NMIS 01C    5 hours and 25 minutesParticipant’s Profile Form  
·      Availment of Private Education Financial Assistance  (PESFA) Scholarship    
·      Program Registration – Unified TVET Program, Registration and Accreditation System (UTPRAS)P 2,000.00TESDA-SOP-01-F01   TESDA-SOP-01-F02 TESDA-SOP-01-F03 TESDA-SOP-01-F04 TESDA-SOP-01-F05 TESDA-SOP-01-F06   TESDA-SOP-01-F07 TESDA-SOP-01-F08 TESDA-SOP-01-F09   TESDA-SOP-01-F1045 calendar daysProgram Registration Requirement Checklist Curriculum Design List of Equipment List of Tools List of Consumables List of Instructional Materials/ Library Holdings List of Institution’s Physical Facilities List of Off-Campus Physical Facilities List of Officials(President, Registrar, Guidance Counselor) Trainers, Faculty, Teaching Professionals
·      Application for Accreditation on Dual Training System (DTS)  1 hour (Step 1 to Step 3)·    TESDA ID Procedures Manual on TVET Program Registration ·    Dual Training System Act ·    Pro-forma MOA/MOU ·    Form A (school)/Form B for establishment and other documentary requirements ·     Letter of Intent ·    Checklist of Requirements ·    Dual Training System Certificate of Accreditation ·    Monthly report on Dual Training System
·      Registration and Implementation  of Apprenticeship/Learnership Program Kash Form 01 Kash Form 02   KasH Form 03 KasH Form 04     KasH Form 05   Kash Form 06 Kash Form 07 NMIS Form 503 to 5 daysPledge of Support Application for Registration of Apprenticeship/Learnership Program Curriculum Design Certification that the Number of Apprentices to be Hired is not more than 20% of the Regular Workforce Certification that company is authorized to hire apprentice/s Certificate of Program Registration Apprenticeship Agreement Enrollment Form
NMIS 100 Terminal Report
BIR Form 1702  Individual Income Tax Return
BIR Form 1800 Donor’s Tax Form
·      Public Assistance Counter CS Form 012 hoursCustomer Inquiry and Record Form
Availment of Career Profiling at the Career Guidance Center (CGC)  2 hours and 39 minutesCGC Referral Form
  *Fees are subject to change **Forms are available FREE OF CHARGE

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